Cirkel Limited

Our Mission

To end waste as we know it

Waste is an idea not a thing

When we think of something as waste, it’s usually because we are clueless about what to do with it. So we toss it where we can, sometimes in the bin and sometimes in the growing landfill of our closets. Broken, torn, worn out, or boring - these things are not too different from people. They never become worthless. If taken care of, the possibilities of what they can do are endless.


Make stuff not waste

Remember the Unwrapping the Gift game? The layers and layers of packaging and one lucky winner. That’s what the modern supply chain looks like, making us short term winners and our resources long term losers. It’s time to invent a new way to play the game, one in which everyone could win.

We would like to take the first step

Not on Mars. Not alone. We want to do our bit; use our passion to make the things we make and take them back so we can make with them again. Which means that the journey for us does not end when we sell our things. We want to take responsibility when what we’ve made is not needed, not loved, not wanted. Because we know it’s not waste as we know it.