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How to everything a fitted sheet

Every sheet has a silver lining, always on the long side. Now you know! 
Place your left hand inside the corner of the
green tag and right hand inside the corner of the
orange one. Feel the loops inside.

Hold the loops and turn the corners inside out.

Place your hands inside the inverted corners.

Join the loops, pinch them both with your left hand.
With your right hand invert the corner on top of the
left, leaving your right hand free.
Find the blue tag, you’d find it closer to your body.
Reach out for the loops inside this corner.
Place this corner inside the other two WITHOUT INVERTING.
Your right hand is free again.
Look for the yellow tag, invert the corner
from the loop again.
Place this under all the other corners.
Make sure the seams are aligned.
Now, move your right hand through from your left hand in
a straight line. The sheet will form
an almost rectangle like shape.
Keep it on a flat surface and fold it in thirds.
First lengthwise and then breadthwise.
The sheet is now in a perfect fold.
It's time for a little dance!