Cirkel Limited

Things so clever they live forever

Best sheets on all counts that matter.

Luxurious & Long

Thread Count is the number of threads, horizontal + vertical, per square inch of fabric. It’s how dense the fabric is). 300 is the perfect balance between breathability and thickness. Longer strands of cotton fibre (long staple cotton) help in making the fabric smooth and even. It’s the best marker for cotton quality.

Strong & Smooth

Ply is the number of cotton strands twisted together to form a thread. Cirkel sheets are Single ply which means only one strand of cotton fibre has been used to make a thread, thus making the fabric strong and durable. It’s the Single Malt of fabric. Sateen weave gives the sheets a nice sheen and makes them ever so inviting to feel. Perfect to be tucked in to for year round comfort.

Anti Ageing & Extra Deep

Sheets get better and softer with every wash. Lesser wrinkles as well. So your sheets are never off the mattress again. Ours go down 40 cms.

Grovy & Sleek

Goes all around the sheet and grips it there. Is strong, sturdy, and so smart. Zippers on duvet covers - the neatest, cleanest, easiest way to close them.

Helpful & Safe

Confused about what size your sheets are or how to wash them? Ours come with labels that can actually be read. Made sustainably - using 100% renewable energy while conserving water, and with no use of harmful chemicals.

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